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Special Promotional Events are listed here. There are a variety of ways to get a Promotional Item or a Promotional Pokémon.

Today's Event: PM Luna this code to get your Promotional Item: Arceus17
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Post  Luna on Thu Jun 24, 2010 6:41 pm

1. Don't ever ask to be made a staff member.

2. You, a single person, are allowed only one account.

3. Do not insult, flame, or threaten anyone. This will not be tolerated.

4. If you have a complaint regarding a single member, PM a staff member.

5. Spamming is not allowed anywhere on the forum.

6. Double posting is frowned upon in most situations. Hover for acceptable double posting forums.

7. Bumping a topic is frowned upon in most situations. Hover for acceptable bumping threads.

8. Don't overuse the smilies.

9. Make sure you're not making a duplicate of a topic and that you are posting in the correct area.

10. Keep things you post PG, or include a warning if it goes above.

11. No stealing other people's art and hard work.

12. Advertise only in the correct forum or in your signature.

13. Have fun, please. We can only have fun if you're having fun.

Warning System

1. The first time you break a rule, an admin will give you a verbal warning. Your warn level will not be raised.

2. The next time you break a rule, your warn level will be raised by 1. This will continue to happen until your warn level reaches 4. When this happens, you will either be suspended or banned, depending on your previous record.

3. The first time your warn level reaches 4, you'll be suspended for 1-2 weeks. Second time, 4-6 weeks. Upon return from your second suspension, if you still feel the need to get in trouble, you're out, and will find yourself permanently banned.

4. Disciplining members is not something the staff enjoys doing. But it has to be done. If you find yourself on the receiving end of disciplinary action, accept it, learn from your mistake, and move on. If you argue with the staff about it, you are far more likely to be the subject of further disciplinary action. However, if you genuinely feel that you have been treated unfairly, please PM an active administrator explaining in clear, level-headed terms why you feel this way, and send any relevant logs or screen captures to demonstrate this. We do take fairness seriously, and we will carefully review your case and get back to you.

5. All actions in this system are at the jurisdiction of the staff. We can and will go straight to a suspension or straight to a permanent ban if we deem a harsher punishment necessary. But we don't do that often - if you try in earnest to obey the rules, you won't find yourself banned.

RP Rules

1. No powerplaying or godmodding.

2. Make your RP detailed.

3. Write everything that happens.

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