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Kijo Raven

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Kijo Raven Empty Kijo Raven

Post  kagetsukigu on Sat Jul 10, 2010 12:59 am

Kijo Raven



Kijo Raven 2w74r69

5' 8"
140 lbs
::Body Type::
::Shoe Size::
Women's 8
Dark Lavender
::Skin Tone::

Raven is a beautiful young woman, well-built at around five and a half feet with curves in all the right places. Her pale, heart-shaped face is framed by her silky, violet hair that seems to shift beautifully between azure and a deep orchid. Her sparkling ocean orbs have captivated many with their vast depth, speaking of the wisdom and maturity Raven possesses far beyond her years.

A light perfume scent seems to follow her wherever she goes, intoxicating those around her and enhancing the ephemeral attraction everyone feels when she's in the room. Always the center of attention, Raven makes sure she is always dressed well in the latest fashions of the Kanto region. For her journey into the Unjou region, Raven outfit herself with a close-fitting sleeveless lycra top for easy movement, a creamy blue in color, swirled with snowy white patterns up the left side. She wears a denim skirt in a dark navy blue that goes down to just above her knees, and a matching jacket to keep her shoulders and arms protected. Her cute outfit is completed by a pair of black running shoes with thigh-high white socks, and a pair of white fingerless gloves.

Indigo Plateau

Raven was found abandoned outside the Pokemon Center on Indigo Plateau as a baby, with nothing but a letter explaining her name and apologizing for the inconvenience, and a mysterious Pokemon egg. The staff of the Center took her in, waiting for her guardian to return and claim her. The days passed into weeks, into months, and finally into over a year. At that point, the staff could not bear to part with the little angel they had been blessed with, and Raven became a permanent part of the Pokemon League family.

The egg Raven had been left with hatched into a Feebas, and it became Raven's constant companion, totally devoted to its mistress. When she grew old enough, Raven nicknamed her friend ~Mimizu~, making up the name she thought sounded prettiest. No one else ever seemed to really care about her Feebas, but Raven took care of it anyway, even when none of the adults offered her any help, feeding it all sorts of Poffins to make it happy. They watched the trainers who came to battle the Elite Four together, learning all about Pokemon battling from an early age.

Eventually the power of her love and care caused her Feebas to evolve into Milotic. It was one of the happiest days of Raven's life, as she and ~Mimizu~ could finally act as true Pokemon partners. Though her family at the Pokemon center wept, they knew it was time for Raven to leave on her own Pokemon journey. Both Raven and her caretakers knew the trainers and gyms of Kanto and Johto would not offer her a real challenge, so they said farewell and used one of the Center's Abra to teleport Raven and her Milotic to the faraway region of Unjou.

Raven lives to help others, often doing whatever she can to help someone, before they know they even need assistance. She loves Pokemon in particular, wanting to train them to be the best they can be. A gentle soul, trained Pokemon seem to like Raven naturally, performing their best for her. In battle, Raven is an unstoppable force, ending her fights as swiftly and definitively as possible, especially against those who would abuse Pokemon for evil deeds. Her goal is nothing short of becoming the strongest trainer in any region, and abolishing any group that abuses Pokemon or does evil. Everyone who has met or seen her in battle says she's well on her way.

::Starter Pokemon::
Milotic ~*~ Level 5
Marvel Scale
*Water Gun*
*Water Sport*

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Kijo Raven Empty Re: Kijo Raven

Post  Luna on Sat Jul 10, 2010 4:00 pm


Female lv. 5
Ability: Marvel Scale
Moves: Splash, Water Gun, Water Sport, and Wrap

Now you can visit Professor Melody in Bridgepond Town to get some supplies.

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