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The Application for New Trainers

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The Application for New Trainers Empty The Application for New Trainers

Post  Luna on Thu Jun 24, 2010 7:22 pm

Hello! If you are a new member and wishing to join please follow these then copy and paste the following application!

1. Create your OWN thread of the app. (please don't get on other people's!)
2. You MUST fill this out in order to have a character accepted!
3. In order to start RPing you MUST fill out the app.
4. You have to wait till an ADMIN accepts your character before RPing.
5. IF you follow these to the letter you should have a good Role Playing experience

Character Application

Name: Name of your character. (as normal as possible)

Age: (10- 16)

Gender: (Male or Female)

Description: Try your best to describe your character as best as you can don't forget to put the basics like:
How tall, What does he/she wear, Accessories, Hair, Eyes, just try to describe him/her as best as you can don't leave anything out the more description the better!

Hometown: Where your character came from.

History: *Optional if you picked your own Pokémon* How did you meet your first Pokémon?

Personality: (Brief, but not a one-liner try to explain how your character would react to others and what he/she would act like in the world what their well as it says personality is like?)

Starter Pokémon: If you wish for a starter Pokémon, put the name here.

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