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Today's Event: PM Luna this code to get your Promotional Item: Arceus17
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Post  Luna on Thu Jun 24, 2010 7:54 pm


Antidote: Heals Pokémon of Poison.

Parlyz Heal: Heals Pokémon of Paralysis.

Awakening: Wakes up a sleeping Pokémon.

Ice Heal: Unfreezes frozen Pokémon

Burn Heal: Cures Pokémon of burns.

Potion: Heals up to 20 HP (Hit Points).

Super Potion: Heals up to 50 HP.

Hyper Potion: Heals up to 100 HP.

Revive: Heals KO'd Pokémon up to 1/2 HP.

Max Revive: heals KO'd Pokémon fully.

Full Heal: Cures a Pokémon of any problem.

Elixir: Restores up to 10 PP (Power Points)

Max Elixir: Restores 20 PP.



Pokéball: Standard tool for capturing wild Pokémon.

Great Ball: A better pokéball a step up from the standard"pokéball"

Ultra Ball: A pokéball that surpasses both the Great Ball & Pokéball.

Master Ball:The best Pokéball with a 100% catch rate.

Net Ball: Great for catching bug and water Pokémon.

Nest Ball: Great for weaker Pokémon.

Dive Ball: Great for catching Pokémon that live deep on the bottom of the sea, lake, river, etc.

Love Ball: Great for catching Pokémon of the opposite gender.

Heavy Ball:A ball great for Pokémon that are heavier than average.

Dark Ball: A ball that is great for chances of catching a dark or ghost Pokémon.

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