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Solara Hideki

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Solara Hideki Empty Solara Hideki

Post  Solara on Thu Jun 24, 2010 9:58 pm

Name: Solara Hideki

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Description: She is 5'5'' with long red-orange hair that slightly curls at the ends. In her hair she puts a barrette with an orange and red sun in her hair. Her eyes are red but turn orange when she is angry. She wears an orange short-sleeved blouse with a red, opaque, sash around her waist. She also wears an orange skirt which reaches just above her knees. She wears red-orange sneakers which have yellow stars on the sides.

Hometown: Solara came from Snowpoint City in the Sinnoh Region and she moved to Blackthorn City in the Johto Region.

Solara loved walking in the woods. One morning she decided to explore the forest close to Snowpoint City. As she was walking in the deep snow she fell over a large log. Through her clothes her knee got cut up. She needed to head home and fast! All of a sudden a large blizzard stopped her in her tracks. Her vision was cut off so she decided to seek shelter in another place. After walking for about five minutes, Solara spotted a cave and she ran inside. To her suprise the cave was warm! Solara took off her snowpants and examined the wound on her knee. It was badly cut up and blood quickly seeped from the wound. Solara ripped a piece of cloth off of her snowpants and used it to suppress to wound. After a while the blood stopped flowing and Solara went to sleep.

When she woke up the next morning she looked outside. To her dismay the blizzard was still active. Solara sat in a corner waiting for someone to rescue her. That's when she spotted a small, navy-blue, Pokémon egg! She picked it up and felt warmth radiating form it. She thought if the egg was exposed to the cold it would freeze and the Pokémon's life would be in danger. She tucked the egg in her shirt to keep it warm.

Another day went by and the Blizzard started to quiet down. Solara stood up and thought that this was the perfect opportunity to get back home. After hiking for two hours Solara and her egg made it back to a small wooden cabin.

"Solara where have you been?" Solara's mom asked as Solara opened the front door.

"I was hiking in the forest and a blizzard started up, so I couldn't get home right away," Solara replied.

"Where did you get that egg?" Solara's dad asked.

"Oh, this? I found it it the cave I was using as my temporary shelter."

"You look tired..." Solara's mom said.

"I am...Owww!" Solara groaned.

She removed her winter gear and quickly ripped off the cloth covering her wounded knee. It was purple, black, and red. The wound was infected!

"Let's take her to the emergency room!" Solara's dad said as he and his wife gazed in horror.

All of a sudden the egg started to wobble and a white light enveloped the egg! It started to change shape as the egg was hatching. First two short legs formed and then two arms. The egg shape was gone and it was replaced by the rest of this new shape.

"Riolu!" said the Pokémon that just hatched.

"It's a Riolu!" Solara said as she turned pale white.

Riolu looked at Solara, who was lying on the ground. Riolu touched Solara's infected knee and shut its eyes. A strong light radiated from it's paws and the light slowly healed the wound. When Riolu collapsed after using it's aura powers Solara got up and scooped Riolu off of the floor and held it in her arms.

"Thank you Riolu..." Solara said as the color returned in her face.

"Ri Riolu!" the pokémon said in happiness."

A week later Solara, Riolu, and Solara's parents moved to Blackthorn City in the Johto Region. Solara decide it was time to go on a Pokémno journey and explore the world. With her parent's approval she and her Riolu set off on a journey.

"What should I name you?" Solara asked as she and her Pokémon left the house.

"Riolu?" the Pokémon asked.

"Yes a about Aura"


"I knew you would like it! Now let's start our journey!"

Personality: She is bright, quick, strong, nice, and positive. She also takes pride training her Pokémon. She never leaves home without food or her lucky sunshine barrette! Her favorite hobbies are taking care of Pokémon, cooking, fishing, swimming, traveling to new places, and sleeping. She hates people who maliciously uses their Pokémon for evil purposes. Her Motto: "Fight for what's right!"

Pokemon Team: Aura the Riolu (Male)


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Solara Hideki Empty Re: Solara Hideki

Post  Luna on Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:48 pm

Pokémon Granted
Riolu (male) lv. 10
Moves: Quick Attack, Aura Sphere
Ability: Inner Focus

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