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Lillian the Dragonist

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Lillian the Dragonist Empty Lillian the Dragonist

Post  Zia on Sun Aug 08, 2010 4:06 pm




Description:Lillian is a female girl with Green colored hair and Aqua Blue eyes and she wears a Purple scarf thats covers most of her neck, She has a black shoes Similiar to one of Blackthorn Gym Leader Claires.She is also a coordinater

Hometown:Blackthorn City

History:She trained at the Blackthorn Gym with her Dragonair which Clair gave it to her until it became very ill so she had to return it to Dragons Den after a few days a Gym trainer for the Blackthorn gym came back from The Hoenn Region finding new dragon types including Vibrava or a Swablu Clair decided to give Lillian an P
pokemon so she asked If she wanted which pokemon.Lillian ignored her for a moment and looked at an baby Bagon and then she said "I want that one"Pointing to that Baby Bagon but then Clair said that it is not tamed but then she convinced her that she want to be a Trainer not taking after trained and expierenced Pokemon so she took the Bagon and started her journey.

Personality:If she does not get what she wants she tries to do everything she can to make it possible but if she sees that its not possible she gives up.She is very friendly to Pokemon and she likes to show the Grace and Strength of a Dragon-type.

Starter Pokémon:Bagon.

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Lillian the Dragonist Empty Re: Lillian the Dragonist

Post  Luna on Wed Aug 11, 2010 3:53 pm



Lv. 10
Ability: Rock Head
Moves: Bite, Dragon Claw, Rage, and Shadow Claw

You may now go to Professor Melody in Bridgepond Town and get your starter kit.

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