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Diesle Empty Diesle

Post  diesle on Sun Aug 15, 2010 1:17 am

Name: Diesle (not normal, but hey. Normal is boring to me. Razz)
Age: 14
Gender: Femal

Description: diesle has brown skin. Her hair is dark brown, but in the light, you can easily see the colors. Her eyes are also dark brown, even in the light, they look black. She wheres her hair in a ponytail. She is about 5'7, and her clothes are a blue T-shirt and a black jacket. her pants are black jeans, and her shoes are blue and black.
Hometown: Hearthome city

History: Diesle met Lightning years aon as a pichu. Lightning had been grouchy, but scared. She agreed to travel with diesle. Eventually, she evolved. as a pikachu, she told Diesle she wanted to evolve. Diesle couldnt find a thunderstone. But one day, travelling, she found one. And now, Lightning the raichu!
Personality: Diesle is kind. She is curious and funny. Also, she is awfully wierd, and doesnt care what others think. She can not get ad easilly, but can get annoyed like thar. She doesnt take kind to rude people, and can be very mean. VERY VERY MEAN.

Starter Pokémon: Lightning the raichyu.
Moves: thunderbolt, Thunder, Irontail, Volttackle. (those are her normla moves. )


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Diesle Empty Re: Diesle

Post  Luna on Sun Aug 15, 2010 8:39 am

I will grant you your Raichu with those moves.

Lv. 15
Ability: Static
Moves: Thunderbolt, Thunder, Volt Tackle, and Iron Tail

you may now go to Professor Melody in Bridgepond Town to begin your adventure. Have fun and see you there. Very Happy

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