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Ashley Thompson

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Ashley Thompson  Empty Ashley Thompson

Post  Zarrie on Mon Aug 30, 2010 5:42 am

Name: Ashley Thomson
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Description: Ashley has blue eyes and black hair that’s been styled into spikes and only reaches down to her chin when it’s not spiky. She’s 5’4 and normally wears a sleeveless purple top with a white jacket over the top, white khaki shorts and running shoes. A black belt finishes it off that holds her pokeballs along with satchel that’s separated into several sections for different things.
Hometown: Originally from New Bark Town
History: Ashley originally came from New Bark town in Johto but when her mother found out that her father was having an affair with one of the women in his office, the two spilt and Ashley and her mother moved to Pallet town. This was a few days after Ashley had turned 10 and received her starter, a male Cyndaquil she had dubbed Charcoal from Professor Elm. At first, Ashley wasn't too happy about moving as she had lived at New Bark her entire life but she eventually grew to love it and she also grew to like her mother's boyfriend that she had started dating a few months after the divorce and had helped Ashley get to know Kanto and its pokemon.
Personality: She’s a down to earth kind of girl who has a slight fear of the Pokémon Snubull (Her Grandmother had one which had a habit of scaring her when she was younger.) She’s also soft spoken and well read. She hates fighting and prefers a quiet spot in the library or somewhere in the shade of a tree. She hates things that are sour but she loves books, art and just about anything sweet! She’s also on the clumsy side because she normally has her head in a book. (She still tries to dance to her favorite music though!) She's respectful to older people and enjoys spending time with younger children.
Pokémon Team: Cyndaquil Lvl 5 (Nickname: Charcoal, Male)


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Ashley Thompson  Empty Re: Ashley Thompson

Post  Luna on Mon Aug 30, 2010 8:29 am


I grant you the Pokémon Cyndaquil!

Cyndaquil (Charcoal)
Lv. 5
Ability: Blaze
Moves: Tackle and Leer

You may go to Bridgepond Town and see Professor Melody to get your starter kit.

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